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Who We Are


From a dream to reality...

Algovital Korea Ltd. is a manufacturing company that specializes in high quality cosmaceutical (cosmetic + pharmaceutical) skincare products. Our products are made from a multitude of prudently selected natural resources through careful thought, research and development.


We are also one of the leading manufacturers of stem cell skincare products, developing high quality products through our technical expertise, unique technology and close collaboration with dermatologists and plastic surgeons.


We have been collaborating with the biochemistry department of Busan National University to develop new natural ingredients for skincare products.


Here at Algovital Korea Ltd., we believe in the development of organic and clean skincare products and aspire to utilize our technology to consistently develop new products.

Why the name 'Algovital'?

Algovital comes from the French phrase Algorithme Vital, meaning vital algorithm, a means of solving the problems of well-being. Hence, Algovital refers to the start of life and of beauty, which arises through care of the skin. Each Precious ingredient is built up to create products that achieve beautiful skin.

Why we do what we do?

With the rising demand for beauty and skincare products, the market is saturated with many brands and consumers devouring them daily. However, many are unaware of the various ingredients used in skincare products that may harm their skin than do good.  


Hence, our brand started out wanting to care for those with sensitive and ageing skin, and eventually to all skin types, by selecting botanical ingredients such as Germinating Sprout Extract and Galactomyces Ferment Extract to begin with in our skincare formulations. 


To put it simply, we do what we do because we care for your skin and genuinely want our consumers to use our skincare products knowing it works and not worry about whether the ingredients are safe for skin.

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