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Silk Protein In Skincare

Silk Protein is derived from Mulberry Silkworms that produce silk as they make cocoons.

Known for their many uses, Silk Protein can be found in hair and skin products. However, why are they so popular in beauty products?

The Silk Protein:

Fibroin. Fibroin is found in so many hair and skincare products because it contains Glycine and Alanine, two important amino acids.

Glycine is the simplest form of amino acid that the body is able to manufacture through the diet. This amino acid produces a protein that has a high concentration of collagen. Most of us have heard a lot about collagen and the wonders it can work on the skin. Glycine can help to repair skin damage and to speed up the wound healing process.

Alanine is another amino acid which your body is also able to manufacture and derive through dietary nutrients. Common in formulations, it is a great skin conditioning agent as well. Most masks contain alanine as a leave-on ingredient, as it can penetrate the epidermal cells. This helps to fill up lines and creases present, giving skin a smoother appearance.

The Benefits Of Fibroin:

Fibroin is known to be an excellent water-binding and absorbing protein which is non-toxic. Hence, skin care products with this silk protein can offer the following benefits:

-Alleviates skin inflammation Fibroin helps to calm inflamed skin by increasing cell metabolism and promoting blood circulation. In turn, the reduction of inflammation can help to promote an even skin tone and keep acne & wrinkles at bay.

-Tighten skin It is useful for those seeking to change the appearance of aging skin, improving its elasticity and rejuvenating its appearance.

-Reduce the appearance of wrinkles Fibroin can help in ‘plumping up’ the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Some have touted it as an alternative to Botox in this regard.

-Treat scars Fibroin increases blood circulation to scar tissue. It is also useful for damaged skin, thus reduces the appearance of scars.

-Alleviate sun damage Though you may love to spend many a day basking in the rays of the sun, doing so without any sun protection can contribute to serious sun damage. It may also cause oxidative stress to your skin over time. Sun damaged skin retains hydration comparatively poorly, often has a hyperpigmented appearance and reduced elasticity. This means that skin looks more mature than it really is. However, antioxidant-containing products, such as silk protein, can help to reverse the oxidative damage caused by free radicals and help to repair/mitigate sun damage.

With the above mentioned benefits, it can therefore be said that Silk Protein is a vital ingredient in any skincare formulas. Silk has been a commonly used product in the beauty industry, with history bringing us back to ancient China. Many royalties then made use of silk for multiple other purposes, and it was a highly prized item only the rich could afford. However, in recent times, Silk is more accessible. That is good news since more people are able to use it for their benefit, whether for skin care or hair care purposes.

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