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10 Steps Skincare- Is It Necessary?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

There are many skincare trends that have been trending in the beauty world, and the 10 steps Korean Skincare is a highly popular routine many are following to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

However, is it really necessary?

We don't think so! We did some reading around and concluded that the 10 step skincare is not necessary to achieve healthy skin.

"Those who find skin care exhausting can find relief in the fact that a lengthy, elaborate skin care routine isn’t necessarily, well, necessary for healthy skin." (Huffpost, 2019.) "Are 10-Step Skin Care Routines Really Worth It? Dermatologists Weigh In."

Instead, we think that each individual should adapt to their own skin needs and concerns when forming a skincare routine. To put it simply, instead of strictly following the 10 steps routine, you can establish 5 steps that works best for you! The Korean skincare does a double cleanse at the start to ensure that the skin is unclogged. However, if you did not put makeup at all, using a good face wash is enough to cleanse the face of sebum and dirt. Additionally, as shown in the graphic, exfoliating need not be a daily thing. (In fact, over exfoliating skin can actually irritate and harm your facial skin.)

Essence and Serums, which do I use?

As a rule of thumb, if you have normal skin and generally have no skin concerns, an essence is a good choice over serums. Essence are used to hydrate and nourish skin, and are usually watery and light in texture. However, if you do have skin concerns such as dry skin, acne scarring, ageing and/or hyper-pigmented skin, a serum is definitely something you can use since it is a product that targets skin concerns through the different ingredients a skincare brand may offer. These days, many skincare brands have also come up with 2-in-1 products for efficiency. This again, shows that with the right products, a long skincare routine is not necessary.

Furthermore, let's focus on quality and not quantity! Layering many products onto our skin doesn't always lead to the results we want. (Even if you think each product you're using will target all your various skin concerns) According to Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, a board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City, when you put multiple layers of products on your skin, you can’t always be sure the active ingredients in each of them are penetrating as deeply as they should be for the results you want. Instead, sometimes too many products can lead to skin irritation. Hence, using products that works for your skin is more important than putting as much products on your skin as possible.

In conclusion, healthy glowing skin is achievable even without the 10 Steps Skincare Routine. The key is to use products suitable with your skin type, select the different products your skin needs for the day or week according to your lifestyle, and adjust your skincare routine around it. Also, achieving good skin doesn't come overnight. Having some patience as you keep to an effective routine will show results soon enough!

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