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Angel's Going Green In The Month Of August

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Did you know? According to a news report written by CNA, shoppers in Singapore take 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets each year – an average of 146 plastic bags for each person, a study commissioned by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) has found.

These 820 million bags can cover the land area of 126 Gardens by the Bay, and the petroleum used in their production can power 1.9 million car rides across the length of the island and back, as revealed by SEC.

Since sustainability and eco-friendly packaging are on the rise in recent times, Algovital Angel has taken steps forward in helping the environment by introducing Eco pouches and bags to gradually lower the use, and hopefully replace our shopping bags for good.

Eco Pouch

In the month of August, we will be issuing the pouches with every purchase of our Angel products in our physical stores at Metro Paragon and M Beauty Corner, The Centrepoint; and also on our online platforms like Redmart. This is in hopes that customers will be more conscious of the way they use plastic and shopping bags, and eventually begin cultivating their own efforts of recycling to save the earth. Furthermore, our pouch has a drawstring feature that was designed for convenience, made of sturdy material and is easily re-usable for next time purchases.

Eco Tote Bag

Additionally, Algovital Angel also came up with an Eco Tote Bag design. Customers who purchase over $150 worth of our products will receive this as a gift. The bag features a one word statement for impact and hope users of the bag will be able to have fun coming up with creative ways to interpret the word #POSE . Inside the tote bag boasts 3 sectioned pockets meant for your handphone, wallet and keys or other small necessities. It's chic, and convenient for errand day or the weekend out.

If you'd like to do your part to help the earth, why not start by supporting our campaign to limit shopping bag usage? Keep an eye out for the launching day of these Eco pouches and Bags! You'll be best updated through our Instagram page @Algovital_angel so give it a follow so you don't miss out.

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