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Reaching 360 Degree Beauty With Algovital Angel

"What's going in your body is also equally important as what you put on it."

What is 360 Degree Beauty?

It is 2019. Many people are looking for 360 'degree' beauty items to fuel their health from the inside out- after all what's going in your body is also equally important as what you put on it.

Consumers are now increasingly aware of the link between practicing balance with treating their physical body better through exercise regimes, practicing mindfulness and personal #wellbeing to gaining better effects on external beauty. This has caused a rising trend with beauty and skincare brands marketing 'ritualistic concepts' to sell to their consumers. Brands have used their ingredients to tell a story such as Rituals 'Rituals of Banyu Collection' inspired by the ancient Balinese water ceremony, which celebrates the healing properties of water, encouraging users to "wash away the physical and spiritual dust of everyday life". These stories form a niche for stress-busting skincare and beauty products to fit in, catering to those who are attracted to the idea of mindful skincare routines that helps to balance the inner mind and external body.

Furthermore, there is also more need for #transparency in skincare and beauty products' ingredients. Consumers are more and more educated about the different types of ingredients and chemicals used in a product due to the internet at their fingertips, therefore forcing beauty and skincare brands to be more upfront and transparent about sharing the ingredients they use in their skincare.

Algovital Angel has always been open about our ingredients and at our priority, we do not wish for our consumers to compromise their health by putting harmful chemicals onto their skin hence the reason why we are here and we do what we do. Besides providing good quality ingredients for the skin, we are also here to encourage our audience to achieve this 360 degree beauty concept by practicing mindfulness in daily living, whilst incorporating self-loving routines day and night to calm the mind. This not only promotes inner-wellbeing, but also generates more positive results to skin and body in general, by lowering stress levels and flushing negativity out.

But, where do we start? It's easier said than done.

Well, this is what this space is for! Algovital Angel has sourced for a few ways to start inculcating good mindful habits alongside forming self-loving routines that can be adapted into busy lifestyles, for the benefit of your mind, body and soul. Below is an infographic that suggests what can be done. The trick to getting started is to make it into a habit. The first practice of #mindfulness then, would be remembering to fulfil at least 1 on the list each day!

(Picture Credit: Pinterest)

Share with us how you practice mindfulness and self-love in the comments below, and we can all learn from each other! Algovital Angel wants the best for your skin, and also the best for you!

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