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Sheet Masks, Worth The Hype?

Recently, with the rising trend of K-beauty, Sheet Masks have been popping up more and more in nearly all beauty and cosmetic outlets. Hydrating, Whitening, Anti-Ageing, Soothing, and more types of sheet masks can be seen on the shelves and perhaps you wonder are they really that great? What's so good about them?

In this post, we will let you know what are the benefits of regularly using sheet masks and the best way to use it for effectiveness!

What makes a Sheet Mask?

There are plenty of varying sheet masks in the market made of different materials. Most commonly, are materials such as papers or fibres that makes up the sheet itself. Gel types are also available but are usually slightly more costly. These sheet masks are often soaked with serum and used once on the face. Typically, the serum in the sheet mask contains many vital ingredients our skin may need according to the type of sheet mask you buy.

The Benefits:

Using a sheet mask regularly is like a vitamin for the skin.

Due to increased exposure to polluted air and UV rays, alongside stressful environments and lifestyles, our skin could be stripped of many vital nutrients. Using a sheet mask daily can help your skin absorb the nutrient it needs, be it hydration in the form of hyaluronic acid, brightening in the form of rice enzyme extract or madecassoside for soothing purposes. This is so because the sheet helps the skin soak in nutrients a little longer without drying the skin.

Using a sheet mask regularly for the skin overtime, will help to target problem areas such as fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, inflamed or sensitive skin.

Effective ways to use a Sheet Mask:

Before applying a sheet mask to your face, be sure to exfoliate and cleanse beforehand! A sheet mask does not do any of that for you, so ensuring a clean and unclogged skin is the right way to prep and let your skin absorb the nutrients from the sheet mask. Also, there is no need for you to wash your face after masking. Instead, gently use your hands to pat and press the remaining serum onto your skin for maximum absorption and seal it with your favourite moisturiser. Do not forget to massage in the excess serum from the packaging into your neck, since that is the first place that ageing will begin to show.

Algovital Angel Sheet Masks Creation:

The products we have at Algovital Angel are made with care and love for our customers. We understand that there are many who have sensitive skin, and hence, our ingredients are formulated specially with botany such as germinating sprout extract and galactomyces ferment extract that helps to boost your skin with hydration, vitamins and brighten it. These are our basic key ingredients on top of other ingredients in our differing masks collection to cater to your skin concerns. If you're new to sheet masking and would like to try it out, why not head to our product page to select a sheet mask that's fit for you?

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