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We're COSMOS Certified!

Angel Basic Set Box

What's COSMOS?

A COSMOS standard applies to cosmetic products that are marketed as #organic or #natural.

Its guiding principles are to:

promote the use of products from organic agriculture, and respect biodiversity; use natural resources responsibly, and respect the environment; use processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment;integrate and develop the concept of “Green Chemistry”.

The Standard covers all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products. Including:

Origin and processing of ingredients – describes five categories, their origin requirements and how they may or may not be treated:

Water – must comply with hygienic standards; Minerals and ingredients of mineral origin – must be of natural origin and may be modified with simple chemical reactions;

Physically processed agro-ingredients – may be plant, animal or microbial origin but no GMOs, no critically endangered species, only products of (not a part of) animals;

Chemically processed agro-ingredients – same as above, and the chemical treatments must respect the principles of Green Chemistry with the resulting ingredients complying with strict limitations of toxicity and biodegradability;

Other ingredients – a very limited list of preservatives and some other ingredients and petrochemical moieties are temporarily allowed and are reviewed on a regular basis, taking into account availability of acceptable alternatives.

What it means to be #COMOSCERTIFIED:

Based on the definition above, it is apparent that being COSMOS certified will give consumers some peace of mind and confidence in our products and the ingredients we use. Given that the foundation of our skincare line was catered to sensitive and ageing skin, and we use #botanic ingredients to address skin concerns; be rest assured that our products have gone through the stringent check and evaluation in order to attain the COSMOS Certification. Meaning, Algovital Angel's products are certified organic and can be used safely for the skin with minimal irritation.

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